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Investigation Intelligence Process Servers

Investigation Intel Process Servers

PI Com Investigative Overview

PI Com is a full-service private detective agency since 2005. We have a track record of delivering superior investigative results to our United States and global clients.  

We have the education, training, experience and tools needed to provide our clients superior results. We listen and understand your situation; we're here to work hard on your behalf.

Licensed State of California private investigators are held to the same standard as an attorney, related to confidentiality; even if calling to ask a few questions, and or, to tell us your story as a client or not, the information you provide remains confidential. 

In addition to private investigations, process serving, and or, "service of process", is one of our specialties. We gather information on each person or entity to be served before we attempt to serve legal documents. Difficult serves require extensive research to locate the whereabouts of the person to be served and the best day & time for service.  WE LOCATE PERSONS FOR SERVICE, DIFFICULT SERVES, SMALL CLAIMS, SUMMONS, EVICTIONS, SUBPOENAS, WRITS, ALL FAMILY LAW & CIVIL LEGAL DOCUMENTS SERVED


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Investigation - Process Serving - Locate Hidden Assets

Investigation Services

Private Investigations

Full Service Private Investigations

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Process Serving


Difficult Serves - Locate Address for Service 

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Locate Hidden Assets


Bank Accounts - Real Estate

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Criminal Defense Investigation


You Have Rights!

Police officers make mistakes and violate an individuals civil rights!

"we'll find those mistakes & rights violations"!


Knowing all the Facts

We did deep to prove

your innocence  

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Not Guilty

Our goal is to help make this happen 

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Infidelity Surveillance


We understand

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Missing Persons Investigation


Full Missing Persons Investigation

"We will find your missing person"


Basic Locate Investigations

A confirmed locate-not a skip trace 

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Lie Detection - CVSA

Truth Verification Test


Computer Voice Stress Analyzer  C.V.S.A.

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A California Licensed and Bonded Private Investgation & Process Serving Company

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