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Have Smart Phones & Standard Cell Phones Significantly Increased Cheating World Wide?

Answer: YES!  

From the CEO of PI Com:  

"Cell phones distance humans from other humans; the cell phone takes Control over every human being that

  uses a cell phone on a daily basis; the cell phone prevents family communication; the cell phone prevents 

  humans to say hello to another "face to face" and verbally; the cell phone gives the weak, strength; the cell    

  phone causes humans to cheat, lie, steal; the cell phone gives the holder a reason to look at the phone, instead

  of saying "hello" to the human walking by; the cell phone causes a person to waste time in the gym, the store, on

  vacation with family or friends, in the home, at a barbeque, while cooking dinner, on a walk; the cell phone is 

  a clear disruption to all forms of peaceful human life; 

  HOWEVER:  If used 100% appropriately, the cell phone can lead to family, personal & financial gain?

  Cell phones have provided humans an "ease of communication" which easily turns some humans, and likely a 

  majority, into GIANT LIARS, that can & could turn your spouse, fiance, boyfriend or girlfriend into a person that 

  is next to investigate you, then hire a private investigator to investigate you;

  Humans must take control of the Cell Phone, because the "Smart Phone" is Taking Over the "Dumb &

  Weak Human Being"; and as I know it, the smart phone is not smart, however "a dumb phone" if not used 

  appropriately; clients hire me because a loved one is using their phone as "a dumb phone"; I get hired to prove

  "a dumb phone" user; aka: A Cheater! 

   Just to let you know, I receive many calls regarding their other half is "a dumb phone" user; and mostly all are 


   J.L. Gavello, CEO PI Com

Is your husband or wife cheating?

Suspicion that your spouse may be cheating is a painful thought. Unfortunately, if you have a suspicion that your spouse is unfaithful, you may be right. According to statistics, wives who suspect their husbands of cheating are correct 85% of the time, while husbands who suspect their wives of cheating are correct 50% of the time. 

Therapist Peggy Vaughan's research has suggested that approximately 60% of men and  40% of women will cheat at least once in their marriage. Despite the  prevalence of cheating, 70% of married women and 54% of married men do not know about their spouse's infidelity. 

These statistics do not even include nontraditional forms of infidelity. It is estimated that 40 million Americans have virtual encounters of a sexual nature on the internet which many consider to be “emotional affairs”. 

Why hire a private investigator?

There are a variety of reasons why investigating infidelity on your own might not be the best option. For one, it can be both emotionally and physically draining. A well-trained private investigator will find more information in less time and will remain emotionally detached. The validity of evidence is also more concrete when gathered by an investigator. While an upset spouse may capture pictures or video of their cheating spouse, this evidence may not be considered valid by a court of law. 

A private investigator is unbiased and knowledgeable about family law so their proof will stand up in court. What does an infidelity investigation entail?

Investigations will vary based upon your needs and the private investigator conducting the investigation. However, many times an investigation to catch a cheating spouse will include:  

Discussion with the client 

Before an investigator  begins their pursuit of the truth, they gather as much information as possible about the spouse in question, including regular activities and hobbies. Though it may be painful, the more information you share the more successful the investigation will be. For investigators, confidentiality and respect are standard.


A private investigator watches your spouse using advanced surveillance methods to ensure that you obtain the evidence you need. Some of these methods include tracking your spouse’s vehicle, searching their assets, and monitoring their internet activity.

Presentation of Evidence 

Evidence gathered by a professional private investigator can not only give you peace of mind via indisputable proof, but will also stand up in court for potential divorce settlements.

What should I expect from an infidelity investigation?

Investigations into cheating spouses can range from a couple hours to several months. Regardless of length of time, when you go to see a private investigator about a cheating spouse you will be treated with discretion and respect. 

The investigator will listen to your suspicions, take them seriously, and will ask you how you want the investigation to be shaped. You will remain in control of how the investigation proceeds and your professional investigator will investigate your spouse on your terms until you are completely satisfied. 

You will be able to get regular updates about the status of the investigation and only you will get to decide what to do with the information that is gathered.Some people seek help as soon as they feel some suspicion that their spouse is cheating. Knowing for certain is important to them before they confront their partner. 

Others know their spouse in unfaithful but want solid evidence. If worries about your spouse are affecting your relationship or causing you stress, speaking with one of our infidelity private investigators will help.

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