Lie Detector Test - CVSA


Computer Voice Stress Analyzer

The CVSA does not require attaching wires to the subject being tested. The CVSA uses only a microphone that is plugged into the computer to analyze the subject’s responses. As the subject speaks, the computer displays and numbers each voice pattern and saves each chart to a file. 

Unlike the polygraph test, drugs do not affect the results of this exam, and there are no known countermeasures that will cause the typical “inconclusive” results associated with the polygraph. 

Voice Scanner CVSA Lie Detector Test can be administered in the comfort of your home or office. Call for a free consultation.

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CVSA is Effective!

The CVSA is effective in all investigative situations, such as homicides, sex crimes, theft, robberies, white-collar crimes, internal affairs investigations, pre-employment examinations for background investigators, as well as infidelity matters. 

Embraced by the Department of Corrections, the system has also proven itself to be a very reliable investigative tool for verifying the statements of witnesses, the denials of suspects, and the validity of allegations made against police officers. 


CVSA "How it Works"!

The CVSA Lie Detector Test is Not a Polygraph Test

CVSA: Voice “Micro tremors” are tiny frequency modulations in the human voice. When a test subject is lying, the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system causes an inaudible increase in the micro tremors’ frequency. 

The CVSA detects, measures, and displays changes in voice frequency. A state-of-the-art computer then processes these changes and graphically displays a picture of the voice patterns.

The CVSA is restricted to “yes” and “no” answers. 

Our CVSA Senior Examiner is certified and current since 2006 having conducted over 300 law enforcement pre-employment CVSA exams in accordance with NITV and NACVSA guidelines.